The Baltic Funding inventory includes more than 300 funding instruments. They cover public and private funding sources from all Baltic Sea countries (Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia), including the non-EU countries such as Norway and Russia. In addition, EU-wide funding programmes are included. This is not a complete, exhaustive inventory, but a “partial picture” of the situation of funding sources in November 2015. Other funding sources and instruments do exist.

The added value of this inventory is that it presents many funding instruments for the first time in English language. More detailed information is available in the original language and on the original web-sites of the instruments. The content of this inventory might change over time. It contains information from external sources, which are eventually in charge of the detailed information on funding, eligibility and requirements.
Any incorrect or missing information presented in Baltic Funding is kindly asked to be reported to the development team. Click the link to open up mail client for sending your feedback.